Best Sona Masoori Rice


Best Sona Masoori Rice

Rama Raju Rice

Rama raju rice is an reputed branded sona masoori rice in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The brand Rama raju rice was started by Mr.Rama raju, a famous Agriculturist in Andra pradesh. Rama raju have almost 40 years of Agriculture experience where he recommends natural fertilizers to all farmers under him. Mr.Rama raju have taken so many initiatives to develop natural solutions for all the diseases arises during rice forming. Rama raju rice is the best sona masoori rice that is grown in perfectly natural conditions without the aid of chemical fertilizers or harmful pesticides. Every consumer of Rama raju rice believes that this is the best sona masoori rice available in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Rotation of the cropping, usage of natural fertilizers, drying and wetting the forms, removal of stagnated water, cutting the crop at exact time periods, drying and storing of the rice, proper techniques in milling, packing of the rice and all other necessary techniques will be followed strictly to present best sona masoori rice.

Mr.Rama raju (M.D) along with Mekala Sunitha (Sr.Director) and Bhavya Jyothi (Sr.Director) guides farmers and marketing people of Rama raju rice in a proper way to achieve the goal of people eating best sona masoori rice in Andhra pradesh and Telangana. Actually the demand of Rama raju rice is high, now the management is trying hard to overcome this problem by motivating more farmers about this natural way of rice farming.

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